About Us

CrossFit Cumbria strives for the advancement of human performance and a return to functionality. We embrace proven methods of physical training to provide people with a superior solution to achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

We wish to provide this service to the broadest spectrum of clients. To be inclusive of anyone seeking world class fitness, from grandparents to sports professionals. The needs of these people don’t change in kind, they only change by degree.

Our community is very important to us. Our aim is to create not just a training facility but a place to feel welcome, where the people you workout with aren’t strangers, where everyone knows your name. The support of the community will help drive you to reach your goals, whatever they are.



The CrossFit Cumbria community has been growng since our first ever class in 2010 with new members joining each week. Many of our members meet up on a regular basis before and after classes. In addition to this we hold regular social events where our members can socialise with like minded people.

The CrossFit community is as important to us as taking part in the classes and we always encourage our members to ‘get involved’. In addition to socialising with the CrossFit Cumbria team we are active in socialising with the wider CrossFit community. We regularly visit CrossFit gyms to workout and  are always keen to take part in any local and national CrossFit competitions.

In 2012 we held our first ‘Battle of the Borders’ event to give our members the chance to compete in a local competition on their own turf. The event was attended by teams from West Cumbria, Carlisle, CrossFit Leeds, CrossFit Central Lancaster and Reebok Crossfit Tyneside.

As CrossFit grows in our region we are taking the opportunity to embrace new gyms and the growing community within Cumbria. In late 2014 we created and hosted a competition for Cumbria gyms only, Bo’s and Ho’s, a pairs competition.


What is CrossFit

CrossFit is an unrivalled core strength and conditioning program which utilises only proven methods of training to achieve ultimate fitness.

To understand this statement greater first you must understand what is meant by “fitness”. Follow this link to one of the founding articles of the CrossFit Journal titled “What is Fitness?”

CrossFit is:

Constantly Varied Functional Movements Performed at High Intensity with an aim to increase work capacity over broad time and modal domains.

Nearly every CrossFit class is different, utilising combinations of Cardiovascular, Gymnastic and Weightlifting movementsm, all scaled to your level of ability. A typical class structure would consist of:

1. Warm-up and mobilisation – specifically for the movements to follow

2. Skill/Strength element – This will often be a single movement or combination of movements designed to increase efficiency, strength and most importantly ensure safety

3. Metabolic Conditioning – Combinations of movements performed at high intensity in varied time domains specifically designed to increase your work capacity

4. Stretching – Post workout recovery designed to address mobility issues and increase recovery


We post the workout of the day (WOD) every day we have a coached class, check it out here